Our Team

Feral Hogs For The Hungry.Com is supported by donations from caring hunters and trappers who capture live feral hogs and deliver them live to local participating USDA inspected slaughter houses.  Details as to how this is done:

  • The federal government has no distinction between feral and domesticated hogs.  Both must be inspected by a federal inspector before and after they are slaughtered.  The hard part is trapping, transporting and delivering the live hogs to a meat processing plant.
  • Once the hogs have been inspected live, butchered, and inspected again, the meat can then be sold and or donated. Through donations, we pay for the inspections, processing and packaging.
  • The processing plant calls us for a pick up and our volunteers retrieve the packaged pork and donate it to area food banks.
  • Food banks distribute the pork to the poor, needy and underprivileged.
  • Unfortunately, food banks cannot accept feral hog meat that has been harvested by hunters.  By federal law, feral hogs must be inspected "pre and post mortum" or alive and dead in order to confirm its safety.  Hunters are allowed to eat their own feral hog meat, but they cannot donate it to food banks....go figure.  We are in the process of federal lobbying for minor changes so that feral hogs harvested by hunters can feed the hungry.

Our team is small but growing.  We’re caring and compassionate people. Our team will ensure your feral hog donation and or PayPal donation is cared for and used in the best possible manner...feeding the hungry.


A NonProfit Corporation

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