A NonProfit Corporation

dONATE Money / Donate Time

Basic Ingredients to our program

There are 3 basic ingredients to our program:

  1. Feral hogs will be donated alive to approved federal USDA inspection centers, for the benefit of Feral Hogs For The Hungry.Com.
  2. PayPal donations, which will be used to pay the hard working meat processors, and possibly as bounties to encourage trapping. 
  3. Volunteers to deliver the meat to local food banks


Money donations are needed for  the following:

1) paying a bounty of feral hogs for all of the work in trapping and transporting hogs to the processing center

2) paying the processing plant to federally inspect the live animal, butcher the animal, inspect the meat and package the pork

3) advertise the program in the communities that we serve, so that the hungry can be served

Time donations are necessary for the following:

1) contact participating processing plants and food banks

2) pick up the packaged meat and deliver it to food banks

That who is YOU! Through your generous donation.  Please call 817 741 1726 to donate your time.  It costs approximately $50.00 to process each and every hog.  On the open market, a lean hog will go for 0.85 to $1.20 per pound. Not all of the hog is edible pork, but only approximately 57%.  At approximately 150 Pounds per hog, the value of that hog is approximately $150.00 in processed pork.

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