Mission Statement:

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The co-founders Hannah (high school senior) and Bailey Paniszczyn (high school sophmore) started with a brain storm of an idea.... to use the overpopulation of feral hogs as food for the hungry.

  • Feed the hungry
  • Help farmers and ranchers reduce the damage that wild hogs inflict on their crops and range
  • Provide valuable protein to food banks


What we do

Who we are

A NonProfit Corporation

Our charitable purposes are as Follows:

  • relief of the poor, distressed and underprivileged,

  • lessening the burdens of government, and

  • the promotion of social welfare.

Feral hog, wild boar, razorback, wild pig - these are just some of the names that are given to one of the most destructive and formidable invasive species in the United States.  Feral hogs adapt to just about any habitat, have few natural enemies and they reproduce at high rates. At 5 million animals and counting, they inhabit 39 States and cause approximately $1.5 BILLION in damage and control costs each year!  Their damage is widespread and includes destroying native habitat, crops, range and are even know to eat endangered species (Gail Keirn, USDA, APHIS Public Affairs Specialist, 04/04/2014). 

"If we could capture and cook just a fraction of the feral hog population, they would go a long way to feeding the hungry, help farmers and ranchers,and preserve our native habitat" (Hannah Paniszczyn, Co-Founder and President, August 21, 2014).

‚Äč"We need your help to feed the hungry, please donate"  (Bailey Paniszczyn, Co-Founder and Treasurer, August 21, 2014)